DvnBitCrusher 3


size 1.84 MB  /  1.88 MB  /  2.12 MB  /  2.11 MB

DvnBitCrusher is a bit crusher effect that offers sample rate reduction down to 200Hz, bit depth reduction, distortion unit and low pass filter, dry/wet mix and gain stages at the input and output.

  • Samplerate reductions down to 200 Hz!
  • Bit depth reduction.
  • Distortion effect.
  • Lowpass filter with resonance control
  • Input gain, output gain and dry/wet knobs.
  • Peak meters for input and output.

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

DvnBitCrusher100_WIN_32  ( 1.84 MB )

DvnBitCrusher100_WIN_64  ( 1.88 MB )

DvnBitCrusher_MacAU  ( 2.12 MB )

DvnBitCrusher_MacVST  ( 2.11 MB )

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