Beatskillz – Slam Pup

slam pup 3

Slam Pup

size 9 MB  / 24 MB

Slam Pup is a multistage tube drive compressor.

It is emulated from a “thrusty” American compressor and a “gritty” multistage tube drive from a British saturator. The result is a 2 knob beast, that can get you sounding “phat” in seconds. No guesswork or crazy science needed. Just tweak away and find your own sweet spot.
  • BARK: multistage tube drive.
  • BITE: threshold for compressor.

YouTube video

download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

SlamPUP_WIN  ( 9 MB )

SlamPUP_MacOS  ( 24 MB )

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