Analog Obsession – REALIZER



size 5 MB  / 8 MB

REALIZER is a transient based random value generator for parameters.

Great for static synths, samples, one-shot or multi-layered drums, fake doubled vocals and even recreate broken cassette player! It’s not limited. Your imagination is the only limit!

It has 5 randomized parameter. Gain, Transient, HPF, LPF and Pitch. Volume is standart output volume control. Not randomization. Simply, each parameter has its own range but not static. Always, triggered with random values by transients.

You can use each knob to set parameter “intensity”. So, you will be able to keep random values between “unknown” range. For example, if you set gain knob to %20, you will get unknown but narrow range. Same for others.

  • 5 randomized parameters triggered by transient.
  • Gain, Transient, HPF, LPF and Pitch.
  • Each knob will set range for parameters. Narrow to wide.
  • Volume knob is simple output knob.
  • Touchscreen support.
  • Resizable interface. Simple “Bottom Right Corner Handle” to resize. 50% to 200%.

– VST3 / AU / AAX Native – Audiosuite | Mac 10.11 – 13.X (Requires a graphics card that supports “Metal”).
– VST3 / AAX Native – Audiosuite | Windows 10 – 11.

YouTube video

download win 64 AAX download audio unit download free vst

REALIZER_1.0  ( 5 MB )

REALIZER_1.0.MAC  ( 8 MB )

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