Analog Obsession – DIY CHEAPiRE

Analog Obsession – DIY CHEAPiRE


size 0.3 MB

Famous solid-state mic preamp with extra DI input and lots of features!
You already know A-Type preamps, right?!
This one is another clone but it has different possibilities to make your own preamp.
– Input : Mic input & simple DI. You can select one of three transformers or discrete mic input. 
Input transformer models : LL1578XL, 2622, OEP A262A3E
– Output : Unbalanced & transformer or simple but effective impedance balanced
Output transformer models : LL5402, OEP A262A7E
– Simple potentiometer or 12 step rotary switch for gain setting
– Possible to use with 500 Series. All you need is simple 500 Series Card Edge Adapter
Also, included 500 Series front panel design. So, you can use it to fit potentiometer/switch and push-buttons. Or you can measure hole placements and make your own panels.
So, it’s up to your choices. You can build it for cheap or expensive. But it won’t let you down even with OEP transformer for input and just impedance balanced output!

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

CHEAPRE  ( 0.3 MB )

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