Analog Obsession – DIY 32 EQ Project

Analog Obsession – DIY 32 EQ Project

DIY 32 EQ Project

size 1.2 MB

i designed/cloned/DIY’ed hardwares before jump into digital world. And now, i decided to share my designs with you.
If you want to build your own gears, you can check my projects and download them with all info you need.
Here is my first DIY post!
It’s famous 32 Series Console EQ.
– 4-band EQ (Low Shelf/Peak – Low Mid Peak – High Mid Peak – High Peak)
– Switchable on/off High and Low Pass filters
– Onboard balanced I/O
– Easy to build and use
My design and PCBs are really easy to understand and make them work.
There are ready to go gerber files, circuit, BOMs, front panel design…
There are 2 main boards. First one is “Filter & Balanced I/O Board”. Second one is “Band Board.”
You need four Band Boards and a Filter & Balanced I/O Board for one channel.
There is also wiring diagram to show you how to connect them.
1. You have to use Band Board for each band.
2. To make low band work as “Peak” and “Shelf, just add switch. Then, you will get selectable Peak/Shelf low band.
3. Place low band switch to bottom side.
4. Do not solder switches to other three bands. So, they will work as peak.
5. Filter & I/O Board has filter section and balanced input/output sections. There are two switches. Left switch is main bypass. Right switch is filter bypass.
6. There are two wires with different colors on diagram. Red is “Positive/Hot” and Brown is “Negative/Cold”.
7. PCBs are double-sided. Maybe hard to self-etch but it’s up to your skills.

download win 32 download win 64 download audio unit download free vst

32C_EQ_Project  ( 1.2 MB )

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