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Vintager Toy

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VINTAGER Toy is a vintage sound effect. As its name suggests, it is a “toy” that modifies the sound to make it old and/or vintage.

Their processes are trying to recreate the characteristics of the sound that is heard in the sound systems of the past. You can use it as an “aging” mastering effect for a mix or like a single track effect to give warmth vintage to an instrument.

It is not a strict simulator of tape, vinyl, tubes. It can make you remember these devices, but it contains no physical models of these devices. Vintager Toy contains mathematical calculations, but was essentially developed in an intuitive way. The author was based on their small knowledge, he listened devices and recordings from different eras and vintage synthesizers and used his own conception of vintage sound. Therefore, you must use it taking into account that clarifications. Vintager Toy is not a professional tool, although it can be used professionally if the user finds it useful.

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