Sound Delay v.1.7


Sound Delay v.1.7

size 5.44 MB / 16.5 MB / 12.6 Mb

Sound Delay is an auxiliary multi-channel signal delaying plug-in. In Sound Delay, you may specify delay time in both milliseconds and samples, with a high level of precision. This plug-in – being technical – provides a basic signal delaying function only, without signal feedback or modulation capabilities.

Sound Delay also features internal mid/side encoding and decoding, and allows you to delay mid and side channels independently.


– Sample-accurate delaying.
– Millisecond-accurate delaying.
– Up to 3 seconds overall delay.
– Multi-channel processing.
– Internal channel routing.
– Channel grouping.
– Mid/side processing.
– Preset manager.
– Undo/redo history.
– A/B comparisons.
– Contextual hint messages.

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VoxengoSoundDelay_17_Win32_64_VST_VST3_AAX_setup ( 5.44 MB )

VoxengoSoundDelay_16_Mac_VST_VST3_setup ( 16.5 MB )

VoxengoSoundDelay_16_Mac_AU_setup ( 12.6 MB )

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