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Monica is a dual-layered monophonic synth with 2 completely different aggressive and incredibly high dynamic range oscillators.

The first oscillator is wavetable based with 64 wavetables + additional 64 wavtables for morphing.

The second is 32-bit top quality and well shaped waveform oscillators that emulates the 90′ type monophonic synths.

The oscillators work on dual-layered basis and have each own separate controls, synthesis section and trance-gate type built-in arpeggiator. Monica also shares features with our other product line synths including 2 different MIDI velocity options, a user friendly global hipass-lopass filter, full section of built in effects (saturation, chorus, phaser, tremolo, reverb and delay), telescopic microtuner and a mod wheel control manager.


Monica_x64  ( 11.2 MB )

Monica  ( 12.2 MB )

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